“Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher . . . Come forth and bring with you a heart That watches and receives.” Wordsworth 

The idea for CONVERGE was sparked over coffee and the collaboration of ideas. Printmaker, Sunny Mullarkey and I met at The Village Grind to share stories and much needed creative talk. We discussed how each of our personal work this year has been rooted in themes within our natural environment: exploring landscapes, mountains, skies and seas, and the creatures within each of these spaces. On a deeper level, we spoke of our own connections to this earth, how our femininity and artistry are deepened within our understanding of and relationship with nature. We spoke of meeting places within nature, of the tangled mysterious web that beats together, rhythmically and continuously with life. With this model of collaborative creation before us, we set out on a mission to explore these ideas together, hoping that the joining of our voices would bring a deeper understanding and broader spectrum to our artistry.

CONVERGE will commence with a display of our individual thoughts and creations within the theme of nature’s meeting places and the interconnections of spirit and nature. Sunny’s bold printmaking lines and patterns observe treasures within nature, while every step of her process, from designing to carving to printing, demonstrate the patience displayed in nature’s creative process. I work in oils and charcoal: the vastness of nature with her open spaces and mountains inspire my brush, while I celebrate nature’s minute details in charcoal dust.

CONVERGE is a practice in collaboration: in subject matter, in artistic voice, and in medium. The process is full of experimentation together as we let our various techniques and mediums combine with their naturally emerging surprises and frictions. The process is our goal, as we learn from nature and each other how to conspire together to create something altogether new. The initial piece of our project explores where earth and sky meet, and how we as artists find voice within this space.

CONVERGE  will be shown in the gallery of The Station in West Greenville. The opening reception will be April 1 from 6-9 showcasing the artist’s individual work and the initial piece from their collaborative project. The commencement show will be up April 1-8 with gallery hours Monday- Saturday 10-2 and Sunday by appointment only. The project will display more collaborative pieces throughout the summer on First Fridays and will end with a final show of all work October 7-14.