Converge Show Opening

Sunny Mullarkey and I celebrated the opening reception of our collaborative project on April 1 at The Station in the West Village of Greenville. It was an amazing night, and we were thrilled by all the support and enthusiasm from the local community! The show features a display of our individual current body of work as well as the unveiling of our first collaborative piece.


CONVERGE commences with a display of individual work within the theme of nature’s meeting places and the interconnections of spirit & nature. Sunny’s work showcases her mastery of line and pattern. Working mainly with linoleum blocks and oil-based ink on unryu, Sunny’s current collection also features playful prints on linen with embroidered embellishments. My work displays impressions of nature in oil, dwelling mainly in landscapes, but also venturing into symbol and dynamic details in several pieces, while my work in charcoal showcase the gentle details of nature’s creatures.

CONVERGE is about COLLABORATION. I recently wrote a brief post on the story behind our project which you can read about here, but the question “why COLLABORATE?” is the seed from which this entire project has grown. We believe in the need for change within our community, for deep listening & for courageous acts that can draw our community together in awareness & action. How can we deeply see & respect our individual differences and equality? How can we deeply feel, know and respond in love to others? As artists, what better place to start answering those questions than within our creative work? Sunny and I are both artists, working from our deepest spaces of vulnerability, with completely different approaches and practices. We are choosing to enter this project as a practice from which we hope to be both better artists and better humans. COLLABORATION within creation demands honesty, humility, and self-awareness while we practice deep listening & communication. The natural friction that stems from all collaborative work in its rawest form, is energy. This energy is possibility and power. Within the collaborative process of our project, we practice transforming energy into life.

An old gas station converted into a working gallery and artist studio, The Station provides such a fun unique setting for CONVERGE. Here’s a view into the gallery space:



So what’s next for CONVERGE? Throughout the summer, Sunny and I will continue our work, creating designs featuring nature’s meeting spaces, specifically centering on where earth meets sky, where water meets land, where mountains meet valleys, and where roots meet stem. Each design will be printed on a variety of media including unryu, watercolor paper, wood and linen, and each print will be painted uniquely to highlight the various aspects within and perceptions of each scene. The project will culminate with a show in October featuring the entire CONVERGE series.